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My current research is mainly in the field of Business Strategies, Institutional Arrangements and Concurrent Sourcing. If you have any questions, suggestions or job offers, please feel free to contact me.

If you want me to speak about my research or any specific topic, please contact me for more information and discussing the details.


  • A study on Social Media and the Digital Zoo concept.
    Participants: Karin Fahlqvist & Thomas Mejtoft
    Status: Ongoing supervision of doctoral candidate project.

    (updated: 2011-05-12)

  • A study on the future of academic publishing.
    Participant: Thomas Mejtoft
    Status: Study in planning.

    (updated: 2011-04-04)

  • A study on social media and opportunities for printing firms.
    Participant: Thomas Mejtoft
    Status: Study in planning.

    (updated: 2011-02-04)

  • NU2018.
    Västerås, Sweden. November 9-11, 2018.

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  • The papers The effect of skeleton screens: Users’ perception of speed and ease of navigation and The Users' Time Perception: The effect of various animation speeds on loading screens, written in collaboration with Ulrik Söderström, Arvid Långström and Martin Bååth will will be presented at the ECCE 2017 Conference in Utrecht, The Netherlands, next week. Ulrik Söderström will present the papers.
    (posted: 2018-08-25)

  • In a couple of days I will move, together with my family, to Singapore to start my position as a Visiting Associate Professor in mid-August. Follow our adventures on our dedicated webpage.
    (posted: 2018-07-30)

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