Papers accepted at ECCE’19

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Together with colleges and students, I have three papers accepted at the ECCE’19 conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland in September. First a paper on Design Friction written together with Sarah Hale and Ulrik Söderström, one on evaluating different devices for taking notes with Måns Hellgren and Ulrik Söderström and one on comparing the view of […]

Papers @ ECCE 2018

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The papers The effect of skeleton screens: Users’ perception of speed and ease of navigation and The Users’ Time Perception: The effect of various animation speeds on loading screens, written in collaboration with Ulrik Söderström, Arvid Långström and Martin Bååth will will be presented at the ECCE 2017 Conference in Utrecht, The Netherlands, next week. […]

Paper accepted @ ECCE 2017

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The paper Feedback in commercial educational applications: Guidelines and conceptual framework, written together with Lena Lindberg, Ulrik Söderström and Eva Mårell-Olsson, has been accepted for presentation and publication in the conference proceedings at ECCE 2017, the 35th annual conference of the European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics, Umeå, Sweden, in the end of September 2017.