Today, NTU hosted a TEDx event – TEDxNTU. This event was free for students, staff and the public. This is how you tell ideas worth spreading – Free and in a great package! I have wanted join a TEDx event for a long time, but there has always been something that stood in the way… distance, tickets, work… This time, however, no such things were present and I could join a full day of great presentations, entertainment and food.

Ben Shedd @ TEDxNTU
Daniel Teh @ TEDxNTU

The speakers during the day were:

  • Subra Suresh, Educator & Scientist
  • Gul Inanc, Culture Champ
  • Jingmei Li, Cancer Detective
  • Daniel Teh, Social Entrepreneur
  • Daniel Tay, Food Rescuer
  • Ben Shedd, Film Maker & Producer
  • Laavanya Kathiravelu, Sociologist
  • Violet Lim, Matchmaking Entrepreneur

The venue was the 1689 seat strong Nanyang Auditorium in the middle of the NTU Main Complex. Even though this is a huge theatre, the event was sold out. I must say that I was lucky to get a ticket at the event, since I booked fairly late. This is the biggest TEDx in Singapore.

Half time entertainment at TEDxNTU

The key takeaways from this day are that…

…we will be able to live, as humans, in an Industry 4.0 society.
…everyone has the right to education, no mater if you are running away from something or not.
…even though cancer is a bitch, we’re starting to understand it.
…everyone deserves a job, no matter your disabilities.
…all the bad reasons for food waste are possible to overcome.
…that we should change our field of view.
…the society is a complex organism, where everyone has an important place.
…true love does not happen online.

Great presentations and a great event!

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