Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional harvest festival and still one of the most celebrated festivities among Chinese people. It is a festival of light and should be enjoyed during night. (as a lot of things in Singapore). It is usually in late September or Early October and during 2018 it is September 24 that is the actual day and the lights have been on for a couple of weeks now. We have had the opportunity to visit some of the best sites in Singapore – Chinatown (of course), Gardens by the Bay and VivoCity.

Mooncake bonanza at Ngee Ann City

One of the most amazing things, coming from overseas, is the mooncake. We first got in touch with the mooncakes at Ngee Ann City, where they early had mooncake tastings. Later on we have crossed paths with mooncakes all over the city. These (very expensive) treats are eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival and are delivered in amazing designer boxes and are baked and sold by hotels, shops… actually, I think anyone with a brand. Even though the traditional mooncake tastes of lotus seeds, the mooncakes of today can taste of almost everything and there are some of them that are very delicious.

“THE MID-AUTUMN Festival is a traditional East-Asian celebration that falls on the 15th of the eight lunar month. It is believed to have originated from legendary archer Hou Yi, who was rewarded with an elixir after shooting down nine out of ten suns to save the world from destruction. When one of his disciples schemed to steal it, his wife Chang’e was forced to swallow the potion, making her float to the moon. Mourning the eternal separation from his wife, Hou Yi started to make mooncakes, a symbol of family reunion, in remembrance of her. That was how the Mid-Autumn festival was bom.”

source: The Nanyang Chronicle (24.09.18)

Below are some photos from the Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 in Singapore.

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