The Singaporean

This is the time when our baby girl, Lovisa, has, officially, been living longer in Singapore than in Sweden. It is a little strange when you think about it, but really cool. So, from now on, we do officially denote her as the Singaporean until she becomes “Swedish” again. Even though she won’t have any memories from Singapore, she’ll have a lot of cool photos and all the stories we will tell her. We have already promised her that we’re going back here again in 5-6 years or so (but probably earlier too), and then she can create her own memories of Singapore and re-experience everything we done this time and even more! And in 20 years, when she’s going to NTU as an exchange student, she’s like: “What’s the biggie? Had a scholarship to live here when I was 3 month old…”. In due time, I will be the one following her along to foreign Universities, meeting new people and experiencing amazing environments, and not the other way around… However, I don’t think that I will get so much love from strangers as Lovisa has gotten here in Singapore though 🙂

Lovisa says: My Singapore!

This day, her parents and grand mother, that is visiting from Sweden (her other grand parents decided to go to Bali over the weekend 🙂 ), will celebrate, this rather strange event, with some Mango Fish at Pioneer Foodcourt and the Singaporean will probably eat something of her own and do some tasting but are otherwise just happy sitting in my lap, playing with her toys and throwing stuff on the floor.

Happy Singaporean Day!

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