Papers submitted

During the last month and a half, we have been working hard to submitted some of our research to different conferences that were suppose to take place during summer and early fall. Most of these conferences have been postponed and will take place later. Currently the following papers are under review.

Under review for the EC-TEL 2020 conference:

Mårell-Olsson, E., Mejtoft, T., Tovedal, S., & Söderström, U. (submitted). The potential of artificial intelligence in increasing quality of life for children suffering from long-term illness.

Under review for the ECCE 2020 conference:
Conference postponed to 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mejtoft, T., Lagerhjelm, L., Söderström, U., & Norberg, O. (submitted). Creative Capabilities of Machine Learning: Evaluating music created by algorithms.

Mejtoft, T., Frängsmyr, E., Söderström, U., & Norberg, O. (submitted). Deceptive design: Manipulative patterns in web design.

Söderström, U., Sjölund, M., Heimdahl, O., Norberg, O., & Mejtoft, T. (submitted). The use of animations in web applications.

Under review for the Bled eConference 2020:

Cripps, H., Mejtoft, T., Singh, A., & Salo, J. (submitted). Crowdsourcing through Twitter for innovation.

Mejtoft, T., Lindmark, T., Söderström, U., & Cripps, H. (submitted). The user experience of personalized content.

Under review for the NU2020 Conference 2020:

Winka, K., Bränberg, A., Bek, A., Broman, K., Holmström, S., Mattson, S., Mejtoft, T., & Ågren, P-O. (submitted). Pedagogisktmentorskap för hållbart lärarskap.

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