Exjobbsredovisningar januari 2021

Civilingenjörsprogrammet i Interaktion och Design vid Umeå universitet presenterar examensarbeten den 15 januari. På grund av universitetets policy kring att publika evenemang ska undvikas under läsåret 2020/2021, så kommer alla redovisningar att ske online via Zoom.

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15 januari, 2021 kl 8:30-15:00
Plats (samma för hela dagen): Endast Zoom
Online: https://umu.zoom.us/j/66865618981 (passcode: ID-Exjobb)

Informellt försnack, tekniktest och uppkoppling av deltagare.

Nils Fohlin
How Online Stock Trading Learning Platforms Can Contribute To Financial Literacy
I samarbete med Avanza
Prior studies have shown that investment knowledge and motivation increases when students in a school setting have access to a stock trading learning platform. 
This thesis aims to further investigate if a stand-alone online stock trading learning platform, on its own, can help non stock investors understand financial literacy concepts. It further attempts to identify what type of system functionality that is most beneficial for the beginner when it comes to understanding and applying these concepts.
The presentation will be in English
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Sara Dimow
Improving Usability to Increase the User Experience of Digital Advising
I samarbete med Swedbank
Starting a business requires a lot, and it can feel complicated and difficult to know where to start. So, how to design a digital guide for starting a business? This study examines how usability can be improved to increase the guides’ user experience and thus improve the customer journey.
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Alice Risholt
Reducing cognitive overload in Grand strategy game tutorials
I samarbete med Paradox Arctic
This thesis investigates what design choices can be made in order to reduce cognitive overload derived from negative emotions such as learning anxiety amongst players when learning a new grand strategy game via an in-game tutorial.
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Aron Nisbel
Investigation of Strategy Games on Console: Evaluating the Possibility of One User Interface to Rule Them All
I samarbete med Paradox Interactive
Building complex games like 4X and grand strategy games for both PC and console is a costly endeavour. Normally, two different platforms imply two different User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designs even though it is the same game. If the game’s UI could have similar designs for both platforms, this costly obstacle could be overcome. This study took the first steps to look at “one UI to rule them all”.
The presentation will be in English
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Rebecka Rosdahl
How can a tailored user onboarding be designed for an audiobook application to increase its usage?
I samarbete med Storytel
User onboarding is a concept to convince and introduce users to use an application and a way for users to understand the application and what it can be used for. This research aimed to explore whether user onboarding could increase the usage of an audiobook application, and furthermore help users to find a suitable book.
Redovisningen kommer att genomföras på svenska
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För mer information, kontakta examinator och kursansvarig: Thomas Mejtoft

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