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“I appreciate your help, but there's a reason your name is Robin not Batman.”

– Ted Mosby

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This website contains research material by Thomas Mejtoft. The research is within the area of institutional arrangements and strategic issues, with a focus on vertical integration and cooperation, in small- and medium sized firms. The research is closely related to my field of expertise - media technology, marketing and business strategy. The purpose of this website is to distribute original research material to organizations and individuals interested in the area.

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Feel free to read and use any material posted on this website for your personal use. I am always open to research cooperation and project proposals as well as commissioned training and consultancy. Please contact me if you have any ideas, suggestions, questions, project proposals, job opportunities, copyright issues or want to license any material for commercial use.


Umeå, Sweden, May 2018.


  • I will be posting updates from the planning and stay of my teaching sabbatical on a separate webpage. I will try to give my thoughts and insights of going on a teaching sabbatical to NTU in Singapore. Please subscribe to the wordpress blog and I will try to tell my story. Here is a link to the STINT Teaching Sabbatical 2018 website.
    (posted: 2018-05-12)

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