Tickets to Singapore GP

Yesterday I booked some tickets to the No. 1 event in Singapore during September, the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix at Marina Bay Street Circuit. I have been to Singapore many times before and ever since the Singapore GP started a decade ago, I have always wanted to go there in September and experience Formula 1 racing at its best – during night and in the city lights. Basically they just close the bay area and run F1 cars on the streets for a couple of days!

I got two of the other Swedes coming over for the STINT stay to join me. The race is 14, 15 and 16 of September and we booked combination tickets, meaning we’re sitting at different grandstands different days – The Pit Grandstand for practice, Padang Grandstand for time trial and Stamford Grandstand for the race on Sunday!

There will be more updates to come after the race!

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