Research portfolio

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My passion is to see the world in different perspectives and contexts, that is why I love research. I am currently an Associate Professor of Media Technology at Umeå University and I hold a PhD from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). I have been conducted academic research since 2003 not only within areas such as media and interaction technology along with business development and strategies for implementation of new technology, but also value creation, marketing issues and technological changes connected to the media and the media industry. I have published in e.g. Journal of Strategic Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management and Journal of Media Business Studies and have presented at numerous international conferences including a best case study paper award at the CHI Conference in 2013 and two best paper awards at the ANZMAC 2008 conference. Lately, part of my research have been focused on engineering didactics and how we create inclusive inter-disciplinary learning environments.

Current research projects

Foster professional skills though international interdisciplinary collaboration

Designing frictions for intuitive and reflective interactions

Mediating presence in hybrid learning environments


Recent news

(published: 2017-10-23; updated: 2023-10-16)