Leaving for Hong Kong

This year there are nine STINT Fellows at different Universities, and countries, in Asia. To have the opportunity to meet the other fellows and be able to share experiences during the teaching sabbatical, STINT arranges seminaries in each part of the world. This year’s seminar with the other STINT fellows in Asia will be in Hong Kong. Even though I’ve been to Hong Kong a couple of years ago, it will be so much fun to come back for a couple of days! During the seminar on October 25, we’re going to meet both the other fellows that are currently situated in Hong Kong and Tokyo, but also the management of STINT that are arriving from Sweden. The flight leaves in the morning, the day after tomorrow, and the whole family will join the trip and we will stay a couple of extra days over the weekend to enjoy Hong Kong.

Preparing some slides on my thoughts so far on NTU and Singapore…

During the meeting we will discuss our experiences, so far, of being STINT Fellows at different Universities around Asia. I have prepared a 15 min short presentation of my thoughts so far on NTU and Singapore.

There are quite a few airlines flying straight from Singapore to Hong Kong, or correction: There are quite a few airlines flying from Singapore to everywhere. We decided to go with Cathay Pacific, since they could cater our needs with the baby best (i.e. we got a bassinet seat onboard the flight). And honestly, the price was the same as going for one of the low-cost carriers. We will be staying two nights in the New Territories at Hyatt Regency Sha Tin up by the The Chinese University of Hong Kong, where the seminar will take place.

After the seminar, we will stay two nights down in Kowloon to have less distance to the central parts of Hong Kong while taking some time to look around during the weekend.

Luckily I had been planning ahead and brought some HK dollars from Sweden, that had been laying around since last time, four years ago…

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