End of Semester

So we come to the end of the first semester of AY2018/2019 and my part of work at NTU is pretty much done. I just have some small things left before handing back my access card and the keys to my room. Right now it’s pretty much empty corridors here at the School of Computer Science and Engineering – the students are on leave and many of my colleagues work from home or focus on research right now.

The corridor at SCSE. Yes, it’s my office with the open door down there…
NTU academic year 2018/19

The academic year can be different at different universities in Singapore. The 13-week semester here at NTU is divided into two parts, separated by a recess week in beginning of October. Starting January is the second semester of the academic year with the same structure. The academic year ends with Special Term 1 and Special Term 2 of 5 teaching weeks each. This compared to the Swedish two 20-week semester and additional summer units.

When I started here in mid-August it felt like it was an eternity until the end of semester, but every day has been a new adventure and waking up to the theme of Indiana Jones seems like the right thing to do during this semester.

During the next couple of days I will reflect on my work and my time here in Singapore, we will pack up our stuff and we will explore Singapore a little bit more before moving to Sweden.

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