Back at NTU!

Back at the School of Computer Science and Engineering at NTU. Have been here for a week now as a visiting scholar! Great to be back at the university ranked second in the world in computer science in 2019. I have had the chance to meet up with old colleagues and with the PhD students (current and coming) of Zinovi’s research group on AI. There have been a lot of time to discuss ideas, research and just general stuff. Monday, I attended the weekly seminar discussing papers in progress and under review with the PhD and Master students.

Furthermore, I had time to catch up with two of my students from the MSU program in Interaction Technology and Design at Umeå University. They are both here as exchange students and since the lecturing part of the semester ended a week ago they are leaving soon after their exams. Great to hear the stories of their time at NTU!

Next week, I will present on the weekly seminar! It will be on some work that we did on the human factors of the use of technology. More specific the work we have done on design friction and mindful interactions.

Now I’m off for a short trip of campus with my family to start the weekend in the best possible way!

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