Proceedings from CDIO 2020 published

The proceedings from the online CDIO 2020 conference has been published by Chalmers University of Technology. Together with Helen Cripps, Stefan Berglund and Chris Blöcker, I have a contribution called Sustainable international experience that can be downloaded here.

Cite as:

Mejtoft, T., & Cripps, H., Berglund, S., & Blöcker, C. (2020). Sustainable international experience: A collaborative teaching project. In J. Malmqvist, J. Bennedsen, K. Edström, N. Kuptasthien, A. Sripakagorn, J. Roslöf, I. Saemundsdottir & M. Siiskonen (Eds.), The 16th International CDIO Conference: Proceedings – Full Papers Volume 2(2) (pp. 196-205). Gothenburg: Chalmers University of Technology/CDIO Initiative.
(isbn: 978-91-88041-27-2; issn: 2002-1593)

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