Paper presented @ Bled eConference

Today Helen Cripps have presented a paper on young adults attitude towards digital payment methods. The paper has been written in collaboration with, among others, Emma Rosenlind, a student at the five-year MSc program in Interaction Technology and Design. Great to see students’ work presented to a wider audience.

Rosenlind, E., Söderström, U., Norberg, O., Cripps, H., & Mejtoft, T. (2023). Young adults’ attitude towards digital payment methods and financial responsibility. In A. Pucihar, M. Kljajić Borštnar, R. Bons, G. Ongena, M Heikkilä & D. Vidmar (Eds.), 36th Bled eConference: Digital Economy and Society: The Balancing Act for Digital Innovation in Times of Instability (pp. 395–405). Maribor, Slovenia: University of Maribor University Press.
(isbn: 978-961-286-751-5; doi: 10.18690/um.fov.4.2023.25)

The paper is available Open Access in the conference proceedings:

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