Setting the rules for discussion

(update 2023-10-12: The latest version of these guidelines are available here: Guidelines for Discussion)

To enhance creativity and create an inclusive environment, I have, during this summer, been working on guidelines to be used with have discussion in class, within teams, and in-between teams. The inspiration has been the international interdisciplinary collaborative project I’m conduction with ECU, were we have seen a need to create ground rules for discussion.

The aim is to create a productive discussion to enhance the groups learning and creativity in a respectful manner.

  • Be respectful towards your peers
  • Be active while listening
  • Contribute to the discussion
  • Nurture the dialogue
  • Discuss, challenge, and criticize ideas and statements, not individuals
  • Focus the discussion on learning of the group
  • Do your best and trust that others are doing their best
  • Allow mistakes
  • Avoid assumption about your peers
  • Honor confidentiality

Even though these are created to be used in class, they can be handy to be used between colleagues, at meetings and during brainstorming. Please feel free to use them to create better discussions.

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