SEFI proceedings published

The proceedings from the SEFI conference has been published. Together with my colleagues from Umeå University and Edith Cowan University, I have a paper in the proceedings. It is under Creative Commons license and you can access the paper for free online here:

The full proceedings can be accessed here:

Here is to full reference for the paper:

Mejtoft, T., Cripps, H., Fong-Emmerson, M., & Blöcker, C. (2023). Enhancing Professional Skills Among Engineering Students by Interdisciplinary International Collaboration. In G. Reilly, M. Murphy, B. V. Nagy, & H.-M. Järvinen (Eds.), Proceedings of the 51st Annual Conference of the European Society for Engineering Education (pp. 2486–2495). Technological University Dublin/European Society for Engineering Education.
(isbn: 978-2-87352-026-7; doi: 10.21427/NFBV-3930)
Download @ TU Dublin

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