Paper published

The paper Balancing personalization and privacy, Witten together with Alex Wahlroos, Leonid Freidovich, and Ulrik Söderström, has been published in the proceedings from the Bled eConference. It’s available open access, so download and read!

Wahlroos, A., Freidovich, L., Söderström, U., & Mejtoft, T. (2024). Balancing personalization and privacy: Towards personalized saving experience in banking apps for young adults. In A. Pucihar, M. Kljajić Borštnar, S. Blatnik, R. W. H. Bons, K. Smit & M. Heikkilä (Eds.), 37th Bled eConference: Resilience Through Digital Innovation: Enabling the Twin Transition (pp. 453–461). Maribor, Slovenia: University of Maribor University Press.
(isbn: 978-961-286-871-0)

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