At the office @ NTU

What happens when a Dragon fly and a Truck collide at the same (but opposite) speed?

Yesterday I got the key to my office, that has undergone some renovation during the last couple of days.

I have also started to get a better grasp of my (fixed) teaching duties during the semester. I will have responsibility for two topics on the course Physics for ComputingMechanics and Prototyping. One part will be ordinary lectures and the other will be eLearning activities. I will also be involved in the tutoring and laboratory work at the school on both Physics for Computing and the course Human Computer Interaction. These will be scheduled fixed times each week during the full semester. The fist lecture is during next week, so it’s time to work on the lectures. I have started to make some short easy examples for class; So what do happen when a Dragon fly and a Truck collide at the same (but opposite) speed? Does mass matter? Need to think about this… 🙂

During the first couple of days I have spent time setting up the computer, getting some general access and now it’s time to finalize the visa process at the EPSC downtown.

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  1. I hope your first lessons went well and students found out what happened to the poor Dragonfly.. /Kalle

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