Hello Singapore!

Yesterday evening we arrived in Singapore and got the key to our new apartment at Nanyang Heights on the NTU Campus. It was a fairly smooth trip from Umeå to Singapore. Lovisa took her first couple of flights with ease and slept through, when not eating or charming the flight attendants.

Liquid soap, laundry detergent, a (small) roll of toilet paper etc and most common household appliances were all present on arrival. Thumbs up to Faculty Housing for providing some essentials. The laundry detergent is, however, heavily perfumed and is not suitable for washing if you are used to non-perfumed detergent. It proved to be hard to find unscented detergent at the ordinary store and we had to shop in the baby section. There are no vacuum cleaner and no broom in the apartment, so this has to be bought. So, even though the apartment was furnished and we thought about bringing some essentials, there were some things missing that is worth bringing from back home.

  • Wifi-router. There is only an ethernet cable, still no wifi in the smaller apartments, and the dependency on wifi is high… If your devices are on wifi only you need to bring your own router.
  • Toilet paper. On the positive notice: A small roll was present. However, it runs out really quickly, an extra one is nice before having time to buy more.
  • Hand towels and dishcloth. There are no hand towels or dishcloth in the apartment.
  • Cutting board. If you are not into others old, used and kinda belly cutting boards, bring your own old and used ones instead.
  • Ordinary bed sheets. There are no bed sheets to wear in-between you and the blanket. Better bring a couple of old from back home.

On campus there are two supermarkets that sell most stuff needed. However, we decided that a “quick” trip to Jurong Point shopping center, next to Boon Lay MRT station, would solve most of our problems. This is apparently one of the biggest shopping centers outside the CBD.

The apartment is a “small” two bedroom apartment with a fairly nice sized master bedroom and a smaller extra bedroom. So if you’re passing by Singapore during the end of 2018, there might be some space left in the guest bedroom…


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  1. Hej! Nice that you arrived safely and the small problems (except for the toilet paper and wifi 😉 ) seems to be reasonably possible to handle. Maybe there is cleaning service every week? Good luck! /Kalle

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