Back to the recording studio!

Interactive Recording Studio

Yesterday, I was, once again, back in the recording studio. This time to record short video lectures introducing Classical Mechanics. These videos are, in other words, just recordings of the LT lectures that had in the beginning of the course Physics for Computing. I had to redo the lectures a little bit to fit the shorter video format instead of the longer lecture format. The idea is that these recordings can be part of the course next year, and the full-time staff on the course do not need to lecture my material.

This time I also worked with one of the learning designers at Learning Tech and Digital Media, Centre for IT Services, to check through my slides and give them an ok in terms of copyrighted material etc. Everything went smoothly and after my previous recordings, I do believe that I felt a little bit more comfortable this time sitting in the recording studio. But that probably made me do more silly mistakes this time 🙂

The result was five videos including an introduction to the subject:

  1. Introduction
  2. Newton’s Laws of Motion
  3. Kinematics
  4. Momentum and Impulse
  5. Energy
My amazing recoding expert, helping me out with the recordings

Now, I’m just waiting for the result from the editing. It’s really nice to have staff that helps you with all these things! The recoding expert helping me out this time was Wayne!

A huge thanks to the staff at Learning Tech and Digital Media, Centre for IT Services, and the Interactive Recording Studio (IReS), especially Siang Hwee, Lenny and Wayne! I like this place! This has been so much fun!

Recording in the Interactive Recording Studio at NTU

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