Swedish Dinner Tuesdays

Kristina, Marcia, Hanna, Lena, Sofia and Lovisa having indian food in Canteen 11

This year we are three STINT Fellows at NTU – Marcia, Lena and me. Lena brought her daughter Hanna that turned one year old a month ago and her mother on the trip. Marcia’s husband came over to visit two times during the semester. Wonderful people and we bonded. Lena and Sofia took Hanna and Lovisa to the Norwegian Seamen’s Mission a couple of weeks and we met by the pool every now and then.

But the best thing is our weekly Swedish Dinners on Tuesdays. At 6 pm we meet, we talk, we explore the food options on campus and we have fun. The food on campus is, however, amazing, but more on the campus food later. This has been a great opportunity for us to share experiences on our teaching and our stay in Singapore but also for Lovisa to get a new friend, Hanna!

The very last dinner together (which was actually on a Thursday) we went to Tuas to walk along Raffles Marina to see the sunset over Malaysia in the evening. Thanks to Marcia and Lena, without you the stay at Nanyang Heights would not have been the same!

Sofia and Lovisa at Raffles Marina in Tuas
The Bistro at Raffles Marina

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