Time to say: See you Singapore!

The last 140 days here in Singapore have been amazing. Hectic, intense, sleep deprived and probably some of the best so far in our lives. It has been great to share the experience with my family, Sofia and Lovisa. But also friends and family that came over to visit us – my relative Helena, my friend and college from Umeå, Jimmy, my sister Sara and her partner Tomas with my nephews Albin and Melker, my mother Lena and my parents-in-law Örjan and Carina.

But just as important, the other Swedish STINT Fellows at NTU, Marcia and Lena and their families. The Swedish Tuesday Dinners have been amazing. Found friends for life!

We’re not really saying goodbye, but rather: See you soon Singapore!

Even though we’re leaving, we’re leaving with some amazing memories!

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