Back in Sweden

Exactly a year ago the adventure started, December 22, that was the day I got the notice that STINT had awarded me with the prestigious STINT Teaching Sabbatical Scholarship and the whole family was onboard to move to Singapore for me to work at NTU. Yesterday, we came back home so this has been a one year-long journey that I believe only have started.

After last Christmas I started the planning and since then everything has been spinning fast. In March I went on my recce trip to Singapore, leaving my pregnant girlfriend back in Sweden. But everything just went along fine and our baby daughter was born and we moved to Singapore in August, just a little over 140 days ago. During the last couple of months, I have been teaching at the School of Computer Science and Engineering at NTU and this has been a lot of fun and hard work to get into their systems but also learning new subjects, lectures, tutorials and labs. During my teaching sabbatical, I have been creating educational and learning experiences for students and learned more about the education system in Singapore. We had an amazing time experiencing Singapore, traveling to the Philippines, Hong Kong and Australia.

Outside work we have experienced a lot of amazing things and please read through the thoughts on my blog for a better picture of my experiences and look at my photos to see what we have done during the semester. Me, and my family, will always be grateful to STINT, NTU and Umeå University, for giving me the opportunity to develop my teaching skills and giving us the opportunity to spend this time in Singapore.

This has been a wonderful experience for the whole family and now we’re back in Umeå, Sweden, and another adventure begins. Right now the snow is falling slowly over Umeå and Christmas is upon us. We will take a couple of days to let all the expressions and experiences sink in and then it is back to another reality… I still have a couple of posts to write and a final report for STINT, but I get back to that later…

Merry Christmas!

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