Invited speaker at the DataTjej 2019 Conference

I’m really proud that I was invited to give an inspirational talk for the delegates at the DataTjej 2019 Conference on February 7. I have been a long-term fan of the organization and every year, the MSc in Interaction Technology and Design program sponsor girls from the program to go to the conference. I’m so glad that the conference is back in Umeå again after 7 years.

After thinking about what to adress in my speech, I decided to go for the theme Social interaction based on technology. In the speech, I gave a short introduction to the design issues with concurrent and future technology that become part of our everyday lives.

I’m proud of our amazing Interaction Technology and Design students that arranged this. The project group with Christina as manager have done a tremendous job to put everything in place. Be proud of your work!

Happy to be part of this!

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