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Almost a year ago, I was walking slowly from the Stockholm Central Station to the STINT office early in the morning of a sunny, but cold, February day. I was filled with expectations and happy to be selected as a 2018 STINT Fellow. Getting the experience from the previous STINT Fellows was a big thing for me. I had started to plan our visit and during that day, I got a feeling about how it would be to move to Singapore, how it would be to teach at NTU and how it would be to leave Sweden for 5 months.

Today, I walk a little bit faster and this time I am the one with the experience and all the “good” advise. I am still excited, but this time mostly to meet my friends from last semester in Singapore, but also to meet the new fresh fellows of 2019. I will share my knowledge with them, just the same way that I got all these great tips about my stay!

This half-year in Singapore have been one of the best for me, both professionally, but also for my family. We came to Singapore with a three and a half month young little baby and moved back with an almost 8 month old big girl with her own opinions and a notion that temperatures can never drop below 28 degrees, food is always eaten at Hawker Centers and that strangers always come up to you and give you compliments. Welcome to reality little Lovisa. We will all miss Singapore, a lot, and Singapore will always be one home to us, just as Umeå always will be another. We will come back many times, I promise you that.

This was the last formal part of my STINT Fellowship. Even though I will continue to use and work with all my experience and knowledge, I would like to, together with my family, extend our most sincere gratitude to The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education, STINT,  Nanyang Technological University, the School of Computer Science and EngineeringUmeå University and the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics. Without you all, non of this would have been possible.

Please read my report, browse the posts on this blog or contact me if you want to know more

Thank you!



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