Presentation and seminar at the University Pedagogy Conference 2019

End of next week I will present project on internationalization called Sustainable international experience. Lessons learned from an interdisciplinary teaching project at Umeå University’s Pedagogy Conference 2019. This project is written in cooperation with Helen Cripps at ECU and Stefan Berglund at TFE, Umeå University.

Furthermore, I will have a seminar on my experiences of going abroad on teachers exchange. This seminar, called Vad ger ett lärarutbyte (en: What is the benefit of a teacher exchange), will be with my co-fellow from the STINT program last year, Katarina Winka.

This will be so much fun, now I just need to get a babysitter, otherwise Lovisa can tell the audience about her experiences as accompanying family member in the STINT Teaching Sabbatical Program 🙂

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