CDIO here I come!

I haven’t been to the CDIO conference for a couple of years now. I had decided on going in 2020, but the pandemic became a obstacle. This year the conference is in beautiful Reykjavik, Iceland, and I have both my friend and co-writer Chris Blöcker as well as my friend an colleague Lena Svensson joining for their first CDIO conference.

Two years of online conferences makes this year special! It’s nice to meet with people and be able to discuss the future of engineering education on site.

The conference starts in a week, and I will have a few days off before the conference to have a look around the island – Geysir, Strokur, Gullfoss, Seljelandsfoss, Skogafoss, Vatnajökul, Jökulsarlon, Myvtn, Husavik, and more…

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