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NTU have had a vision, for some time now, on working towards Flipped Classroom with having most of their material online and using the student-professor time for actually working with the material instead of delivering it. I believe that flipped Classroom is great. However, I do not believe that the traditional lecture is a waste of time, both rather the opposite if it is turned into an interactive session that increase the students intrinsic motivation. At NTU the interaction are during the tutorial sessions, but more on that later. Even if the course is not flipped, there are eLearning weeks on many of the campus based courses at NTU.

This last week (week 7) has been eLearning week on the course Physics for Computing and I have been in charge! It all started when the course coordinator wanted a short introduction to Prototyping as part of the course. I decided that this material would easily turn into eLearning material. I created a series of lectures covering the different parts that are needed to introduce prototyping to new students. First I wanted to create a setting for prototyping by introducing product development. By discussing prototyping in its context, it is easier to understand why prototyping is a successful method. Later on the idea of users and target audience for the product was discussed alongside usability. The short lecture series continued with different paths of prototyping and different types of prototypes. Ending this was different testing methods that can be used in different situations.

The learning outcomes were set to:

  1. Explain what prototyping is
  2. Describe the process of product development
  3. Explain how to specify a target audience
  4. Decide the type of prototype that should be used in a specific situation
  5. Decide the preferred testing method in a specific situation
NTULearn, an implementation of Blackboard

Since this is eLearning week, all material needed to be online. I decided on recording the lectures to make it easier for the students to dig into the material. Furthermore, a couple of articles were posted under each lecture for the students to get a deeper into the subject. The lectures were recorded at the Interactive Recording Studio at NTU. This is a great facility, and here you can read more about my experiences of recording at the studio. All material was put upon their learning platform (used for all different parts of the course, including the automatically recorded lectures) NTULearn. NTULearn is an implementation of Blackboard and fairly straight forward to both use and administrate. This was also where I created a discussion board for all questions and answers during the week.

The students are evermore ready and prepared for next week – Recess week!

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