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Leaving for Hong Kong

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This year there are nine STINT Fellows at different Universities, and countries, in Asia. To have the opportunity to meet the other fellows and be able to share experiences during the teaching sabbatical, STINT arranges seminaries in each part of the world. This year’s seminar with the other STINT fellows in Asia will be in […]

Recess week

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Last week was recess week at NTU. For most students this equals vacation week. Nonetheless, there are no lectures at the University during this week. Having a fixed schedule during the teaching weeks, this was the perfect time to take a short trip and, even though just for a few days, have some vacation. Singapore […]

eLearning Week

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NTU have had a vision, for some time now, on working towards Flipped Classroom with having most of their material online and using the student-professor time for actually working with the material instead of delivering it. I believe that flipped Classroom is great. However, I do not believe that the traditional lecture is a waste […]


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Today, NTU hosted a TEDx event – TEDxNTU. This event was free for students, staff and the public. This is how you tell ideas worth spreading – Free and in a great package! I have wanted join a TEDx event for a long time, but there has always been something that stood in the way… […]

Visa application

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To work or stay for a longer period of time in Singapore you, of course, need a visa. The visa application to work in Singapore is fairly straight forward (if you have been in the “getting visa business” before) and having NTU as a sponsor made the process really easy. However, since I was going […]

At the office @ NTU

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Yesterday I got the key to my office, that has undergone some renovation during the last couple of days. I have also started to get a better grasp of my (fixed) teaching duties during the semester. I will have responsibility for two topics on the course Physics for Computing – Mechanics and Prototyping. One part […]

Hello Singapore!

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Yesterday evening we arrived in Singapore and got the key to our new apartment at Nanyang Heights on the NTU Campus. It was a fairly smooth trip from Umeå to Singapore. Lovisa took her first couple of flights with ease and slept through, when not eating or charming the flight attendants. Liquid soap, laundry detergent, […]

Preparing lectures

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Even though there have been some major negative and positive bumps on the planning route, that really has nothing to do with our stay in Singapore, I have now started to prepare some new lectures for the course Physics for Computing. This course is going to be the start of my co-teaching experience at NTU […]

SCSE @ NTU – Top ranked

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According to the recent US News Education Ranking, NTU’s Computer Science, as subject, is ranked no. 3 in the World, before MIT, Stanford, Harvard and Berkeley. I must say that I feel a bit honoured to be chosen to work at the School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE) @ NTU next semester. It will be a […]

Leaving for Singapore on my recce trip

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In mid-February I booked a week-long trip Singapore between March 11 – March 16. There are currently a lot of airlines flying to Singapore from Europe, including Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qatar, British Airways, Lufthansa, Finnair, Turkish Airlines and many more, and the prices are quite fair. Having experience from most of these airlines, I decided […]

Seminar in Stockholm

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On February 8, 2018, we had a seminar at STINTs office in the center of Stockholm with all the new STINT Teaching Sabbatical Fellows of 2018 and most of last year’s fellows. This was a great opportunity to discuss and listen to some of the former fellows’ experience of being part of the program, both those that […]

Teaching at NTU

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Most of the courses at NTU already are assigned by the time I got in touch with them regarding the sabbatical. This meaning that the courses that had the best fit with what I teach in Sweden and where I could benefit the most from teaching at NTU already had been assigned. This, however, was […]

First contact with NTU

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During the beginning of January I contacted my faculty and administrative contacts at NTU to sort out how to begin the Visa procedure, get some support regarding the housing situation and to set the dates for my planning trip during spring. Since my partner was pregnant at the time, she decided not to come on the […]

Notice of acceptance

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Just before Christmas 2017, I got this great news that my application to the STINT Teaching Sabbatical program had been accepted and I  was moving to Singapore during fall 2018 with my family. I had been accepted as a STINT Fellow at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). This teaching sabbatical is a national scholarship by the Swedish […]

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