STINT Teaching Sabbatical 2018


Here you can read some of my thoughts about planning and staying in Singapore during the STINT Teaching Sabbatical 2018.


Here you can browse though some of my current teaching at Umeå University, Edith Cowan University and Nanyang Technological University.


Photos can never truly mirror our experiences, but they can trigger our memories. Here are some snapshots of our time in Singapore.

I'm Thomas Mejtoft, an Associate Professor of Media Technology, appointed Excellent Teacher at Umeå University and, since 2011, acting as the director of the highly rated five-year integrated Master of Science program in Interaction Technology and Design at Umeå University. During fall 2018, I had the honor to be a STINT Teaching Sabbatical Fellow at the School of Computer Science and Engineering at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.

Below are some of my thoughts on the planning, teaching and stay in Singapore.

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Latest Thoughts…

  • On January 30, I will take part of a lunch seminar on the STINT Teaching Sabbatical program arranged by the International Office and Centre for Educational Development at Umeå University. Both Karin, program coordinator at STINT, and Katarina, STINT Fellow at Ohio State University, will also take part of the […]

  • Back in Sweden -

    Exactly a year ago the adventure started, December 22, that was the day I got the notice that STINT had awarded me with the prestigious STINT Teaching Sabbatical Scholarship and the whole family was onboard to move to Singapore for me to work at NTU. Yesterday, we came back home […]

  • The last 140 days here in Singapore have been amazing. Hectic, intense, sleep deprived and probably some of the best so far in our lives. It has been great to share the experience with my family, Sofia and Lovisa. But also friends and family that came over to visit us […]


Mejtoft informerar om STINT Sabbatical på Australiensiskt universitet

Universitetslektor Thomas Mejtoft, är inbjuden som Visiting Scholar på the School of Business and Law at Edith Cowan University via Centre for Work and Organisational Performance (CWOP). Under sin vistelse kommer han att fortsätta samarbete kring forskning om sociala medier och presentera sina erfarenheter från att var på teaching sabbatical vid Nanyang Technological University i Singapore.

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Faculty of Science and Technology, Umeå University

Många studenter och toppmodern teknik för gästlärare i Singapore

Han föreläser inför tio gånger så många studenter som hemma i Umeå och har tillgång till inspelningsstudios med all tänkbar teknisk hjälp för att spela in undervisningsmaterial. Universitetslektor Thomas Mejtoft tog chansen att åka på ”teaching sabbatical” och tillbringar höstterminen på Nanyang Technological University i Singapore.

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Faculty of Science and Technology, Umeå University

Hallå där – Thomas Mejtoft

STINTs program Teaching Sabbatical ger forskare och lärare som brinner för undervisningsfrågor internationella erfarenheter med utgångspunkt i lärarrollen. Thomas Mejtoft har antagits till STINT:s program för lärare och kommer att undervisa på Nanyang Technological University i Singapore hela hösten.

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Umeå University

Singapore nästa för Thomas Mejtoft – antagen till STINT-program för lärare

Thomas Mejtoft, universitetslektor vid Institutionen för tillämpad fysik och elektronik, har blivit antagen till STINT-programmet Teaching Sabbatical under hösten 2018. Tillsammans med hela familjen åker han till Singapore för att under en termin undervisa på Nanyang Technological University.

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Faculty of Science and Technology, Umeå University

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