STINT Teaching Sabbatical 2018


Here you can read my thoughts about planning and staying in Singapore during the STINT Teaching Sabbatical.


Here you can browse though some of my current teaching at Umeå University, Edith Cowan University and Nanyang Technological University.


Photos can never mirror our experiences, but they can trigger our memories. I love to live my life through the lens and here are some snapshots of our time in Singapore.

I am an Associate Professor of Media Technology, appointed Excellent Teacher at Umeå University and, since 2011, acting as the director of the highly rated five-year integrated Master of Science program in Interaction Technology and Design at Umeå University. During fall 2018, I will have the honor to become a STINT Teaching Sabbatical Fellow at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. 

Below are some of my thoughts on the planning and the stay in Singapore.

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Thomas Mejtoft
  • On February 8, 2018, we had a seminar at STINTs office in the center of Stockholm with all the new STINT Teaching Sabbatical Fellows of 2018 and most of last year’s fellows. This was a great opportunity to discuss and listen to some of the former fellows’ experience of being part of

  • Most of the courses at NTU already are assigned by the time I got in touch with them regarding the sabbatical. This meaning that the courses that had the best fit with what I teach in Sweden and where I could benefit the most from teaching at NTU already had

  • During the beginning of January I contacted my faculty and administrative contacts at NTU to sort out how to begin the Visa procedure, get some support regarding the housing situation and to set the dates for my planning trip during spring. Since my partner was pregnant at the time, she decided

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